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The Museum

Collecting ‘Petroliana’ is a passion we, as enthusiastic collectors, share. Finding that oilcan, gas pump or enamel sign you are looking for is rewarding. Through the years, we have acquired and built our collection and we are proud to present our museum: The House of Petrol.

With over 50 gas pumps from different manufacturers, a wide collection of enamel signs, petrol cans, oil cans, oil bottles and pourers, lubesters, various classic cars and other garage items we hope to provide a museum to be enjoyed by collectors, petrolheads and petrol enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Our ambition is to add value to historical knowledge of the period approximately from 1900 till 1960 regarding the world of service stations, the various brands delivering oil and gasoline and all associated businesses like car manufacturers and miscellaneous items. Please contact us if you have stories or items regarding the history of petrol, information is always welcome.

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Visit the museum

We are open on appointment only, for individuals and groups (max. 20 persons). Group visits have our preference. It is possible to wander around yourself or to be guided through the collection.

If you are interested to visit the museum, send us an email, or use the the contact form below and we will reach out to you to set a date.

The museum is located in the Netherlands, nearby Rotterdam. Free parking is available, though limited. A large parking space is close by at max. 5 min. walk. Also public transport is nearby.

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Meeting space

The House of Petrol is also available as a meeting space, an extraordinary location for a celebration or any other group get together. The museum is open to enjoy when renting out. There are several cozy seats and a table conference setup can be arranged as well. A smart tv and WiFi for sharing a presentation or watching a movie is at your disposal.
Catering services can be arranged in consultation, for example coffee and cake or lunch. We will fulfill specific wishes as much as possible.
For more information about the rental of the museum, please contact us.

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We continuously look for ‘Petroliana’ items to add to our museum collection and/or to sell via our collectables webshop: Garage duVintage. Please contact us if you have items for sale or searching for a specific item.

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If you are interested in visiting the museum, send us an email, or use the the contact form below. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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Visitation is by appointment, address will be shared by email.

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